Kenny Rotner for School Board, 2016

3 Mar


Election Day is this Tuesday, March 8, 2016.  You can find voting and ballot information here.   I’m running for reelection, and I ask that you please vote for me, Kenny Rotner,  for school board.  I also hope you’ll vote for current chair Tom Newkirk, who’s done a spectacular job so far.

It’s hard to believe three years have gone by since I was elected to the Oyster River School Board.  I am very proud of the work we’ve done.  Here are some of our accomplishments:


  • With wide community and staff involvement, we completed the strategic plan for the district, which had been languishing for years.  The plan now guides decisions districtwide.
  • We reached a tuition agreement with Barrington that gets us a high school size that can support a diverse elective program while also providing revenue that reduces the tax burden.
  • We successfully built the Moharimet Gym and Cafeteria and shifted bus districts to handle overcrowding.
  • We fit Full Day Kindergarten into the new budget, to start this fall.
  • We addressed about half of $4.5M in needed capital improvements.
  • We reinvigorated the artificial track and field initiative, which hopefully will be passed on Tuesday.
  • We successfully united the community after the divisive boards and public controversies around 2011.
  • We managed the transition away from NECAP to Smarter Balanced and Common Core.
  • We’ve achieved a 100% graduation rate several years in a row.
  • We kept budget impact increases under 3% annually, despite numerous shocks such as the state shifting retirement costs to the district (a few times), and this year, a 1$M health insurance increase.


Future Goals:

  • Develop a plan to address the aging middle school.
  • Change school start times to align with current research showing improved performance with later middle school and high school start times.
  • Focus on continued academic excellence.
  • Get the track and field funded and built.
  • Hire a great high school principal now that Todd Allen has been promoted.
  • Maintain budget discipline.
  • More deeply address health and wellness concerns of our students.


I hope to see you at polls on Election Day, March 8, 2016.  Please vote for me, Kenny Rotner.



Teacher’s Guild Releases Candidate Questionnaire

8 Mar

The guild released their annual questionnaire of the school board candidates.   I encourage you to read it, and to vote for Kenneth Rotner on Tuesday.

See the Candidates’ Forum

25 Feb

In case you missed it, the district has been kind enough to post the video of Candidates Night.

Meet the Candidates, tonight, 2/20, 7pm at ORHS

20 Feb

Please come out and meet me and all the candidates for school board at the High School tonight.  I look forward to seeing you all there and answering your questions.

You can read more about me here, and check out videos of comments I’ve made at recent school board meetings here.  

Please remember to vote on Election Day, Tuesday, March 12, 2012.

– Kenny

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